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On the FaaS Track: Building Stateful Distributed Applications with Serverless Architectures
FaaS Orchestration of Parallel Workloads
ServerMix: Trade-Offs and Challenges of Serverless Data Analytics
Please, do not decentralize the Internet with (permissionless) blockchains!
On the correctness of Egalitarian Paxos
Triggerflow: Trigger-based Orchestration of Serverless Workflows (Conference paper)
Benchmarking parallelism in FaaS platforms
Decentralize the feedback infrastructure!
Serverless End Game: Disaggregation enabling Transparency
Serverless Predictions: 2021-2030
Triggerflow: Trigger-based Orchestration of Serverless Workflows (Journal)
Transparent Serverless execution of Python multiprocessing applications
Trade-Offs and Challenges of Serverless Data Analytics
Stateful Serverless Computing with Crucial
Outsourcing Data Processing Jobs with Lithops
EGEON: Software-Defined Data Protection for Object Storage
MLLess: Achieving Cost Efficiency in Serverless Machine Learning Training
Bringing scaling transparency to Proteomics applications with serverless computing
Serverless Elastic Exploration of Unbalanced Algorithms
A milestone for FaaS pipelines; object storage vs VM-driven data exchange
Primula: a Practical Shuffle/Sort Operator for Serverless Computing
Leaderless State-Machine Replication: Specification, Properties, Limits
State-machine replication for planet-scale systems
The serverless shell
J-NVM: Off-heap Persistent Objects in Java
Efficient Replication via Timestamp Stability
OffsampleAI: artificial intelligence approach to recognize off-sample mass spectrometry images
Spatial Metabolomics and Imaging Mass Spectrometry in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Using Biological Signals for Mass Recalibration of Mass Spectrometry Imaging Data
[Degree thesis] A compressed file partitioner for scalable Genomics analysis with Serverless technology
[Degree thesis] Porting Genomics pipelines to the Cloud. Serverless Computing as an avenue for scalable variant calling
[Degree thesis] Serverless OCaml Genomic Pipeline Parallelisation Engine
[Master's thesis] Machine Learning on a Serverless Architecture
[Master's thesis] Painless Data Analytics in the Cloud. Grouping data in serverless architectures
[Master's thesis] Study of the Feasibility of Serverless Access Transparency for Python Multiprocessing Applications
Toward Multicloud Access Transparency in Serverless Computing